The love of my life is a London Escorts



One of the best things in life is to find the love of our life, with them our life seems complete and perfect. Because of them, we become brave and strong in our life. We are not afraid anymore to take every step that blocks our journey. Our life has a purpose, and that is because having a partner that keeps us smile is everything. A love that cannot be given by other people. Love makes us the happiest, it feels like we are floating and like heaven on earth. We always caught ourselves imagining beautiful happenings in the future that made us laugh because of our extreme thought. All of us has been searching for our love, a kind of love that can see the best and worst for us and still choose to be with us. A relationship should be the source of happiness and strength. The pleasure we feel reflects us, and when we are experiencing joy, our mind and heart are stable. And studies show that everlasting happiness can last longer human lives. We became strong that we are not afraid to fight for what we deserve and stop all the bullies we experience.


All my life, I am longing for love. My journey is tough before I have everything that I own today. A kind of journey that I don’t like to remember. My story is painful, according to the people adopted me before, my mother has impregnated with a stranger. She is very frustrated, so she tried to abort me many times, but my hold is firm, and God never allow it. She saw me as a sin and a follower of Satan. She hates me so much that she never wants to be near me, many times she won’t breastfeed me. Until to the point, she leaves me in a poor house. But my life there was not okay, severe pain and maltreated. They have abused me so much, even though they have sent me to school and feed. They never accept me as one of them but as one of the maids. I have suffered from them so much; I got bruises and malnourished. I had just waited to finish secondary and ran away. I am homeless for many years, work hard to sustain my studies and finished it.


I have the opportunity to work at Solo. My employer based me there because I am new. I met Jessa; a London escorts from that change my life. She gave me reasons to take life slowly and be happy again. She continuously becomes my happy pill, whenever she is near I feel safe and sound. I am comfortable with her and love her over the years. And I say that she is the love of my life.

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