Do you know what the worst thing about long haul flights can be?

Sitting close to someone who is snoring. The other week I was on this overnight flight from Cape Town. Thanks to this guy I date at a leading airline, I had been able to swing a first class ticket, and apart from the guy snoring, I was having a fantastic flight. It is not often that I take this much time away from Twickenham escorts and it was not strictly pleasure. A businessman that I used to date back in London had invited me for a  week of golf and surf as he said. I decided to take him up on his offer, and ended up a week in South Africa thanks to my date and my pilot friend.


Have you ever flown first class? I know that the Avios BA point scheme is complicated but it is worth saving up all of your points to try a first class flight. There is free champagne all of the time, and you only have to look up, and someone is by your side. The other girls at Twickenham escorts from think that I am a bit of a snob, but I do like to travel in style. Once you have experienced something like this, you will never look back.


This time, I had full lounge access as well. The other girls at Twickenham escorts would have loved it. The lounge was amazing and you could even have beauty treatments. Being addicted to champagne, it was the first thing I noticed. You simply go up and help yourself, and you can take the bottle away. I don’t like getting drunk so I only enjoyed a glass and some great complimentary ice cream during my wait for the flight to be called. There was a lot of businessmen in the lounge, and I looked around to see if I recognised any of them. Fortunately I seemed to be safe.


Once I was onboard the plane, I was personally showed to my seat my a nice looking gay guy, and another glass of champagne was put in my hand. With in minutes a small pack of freebies turned up and I was on my way to South Africa with a great bag of goodies and free champagne in the other hand. I just sat there thinking that the girls at Twickenham escorts would just die for this kind of treatment.


I do realise that I am a lucky girl. It is not all girls my age that would be able to get a free ticket and enjoy a luxury holiday as well completely free of charge. A lot of girls really do look down on escorts, but I will admit that I have had a really good life so far, and I am getting a kick out of working for Twickenham escorts. It is real alternative lifestyle, and it does not matter what you say, I simply do not understand why more English girls do not want to become escorts. Working for top escort agencies such as the one in Twickenham really does have some major benefits.

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