Fixing a Troubled Marriage

I am married for five years now with my wife, Angelica. She is the most beautiful girl I met in our town, and since that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She looks so perfect to me, and I knew that one day we would be together. I dream her for too long, thinking our life in the future when I was a kid. I want to become the best husband and cool dad for our many children. I want to build a family with her. According to Kingston escorts of


Is it too early to dream of having a perfect life when you are just a kid? For me, I can’t help it but love the idea of falling in love with Angelica every single day. Angelica is one of the most attractive ladies in our town. Actually, she and her family had recently come to our village and bought the vacant house near with us. It was my first time to feel being shy for a person and thinking how do I look every time I go outside. I was playing in our backyard when they arrived; I was filthy playing with muds and worms. Until I heard an automobile horn many times, I looked at it, and saw this beautiful girl, in her white dress, long hair and green eyes, carrying with her a doll. I am embarrassed when she waved to me and laughed very hard, I remember my look and run over. I don’t know why my heartbeats fast that time, maybe because am I in love. I always take a bath early and choose a good clothes, and pass by to her house. But she does not come out. I wonder why she wasn’t playing until I heard a piano near their home. I peek on their window and saw she is the one who is playing the piano. My admiration for her becomes bigger. She is just a talented woman.


When she enrolled in the same school I am studying; I also amaze with her intelligence. She is not just a top student in the class, but a ballerina, a singer, etc. One time, I offer her my snacks, and she smiled at me. She told me that she already knew me and just waiting for me to talk to her. I am so glad that she is very approachable.


We became friends and became the best buddy. Until when we were in college, she and I become a couple. I am so happy when I am with her. Our relationship goes well and decided to propose to her. I propose to her, and she said yes.  And that was the sweetest word I ever heard. We get married but it doesn’t the way we expected, both of us are so immature, she goes with her friends at night, and I drink too. We never talk about our problems instead have a cold treatment. One time I book a Kingston Escorts, because of her, I realized the importance of my wife and the communication. Since then, we used to talk about everything than escaping the problem.

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