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    Our Story

    Step into the heart of our story with LuvNest™, a tale woven in comfort and sealed with waterproof magic. Inspired by the idea that love should be celebrated without dampening the mood, LuvNest™ emerged as the perfect fusion of coziness and resilience. Our journey revolves around crafting waterproof blankets that invite couples into a sanctuary of dry warmth, ensuring that shared moments are as worry-free as they are intimate. LuvNest™ is more than a blanket; it's a story of togetherness, where love stays warm and dry, no matter the type of liquid.

    Free Shipping

    Free worldwide shipping and returns - Customs and duties taxes included.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Love it or your money back in 30 days—because your comfort is our commitment with LuvNest™.

    Secure Payment

    Cozy up without concerns – LuvNest™ guarantees secure payments for your peace of mind.

    Need Help ?

    Our customer service team responds to all e-mail inquiries within 24 hours.